Group and Business Endorsements

Woodland Police Officers Association

Jason Drobish, President

Woodland Police Officers Association has endorsed my campaign and contributed to its success.  I am proud to have them on board.  I am proud to have been a former member of the group as well as past president.

City Council Members

I am so pleased that all present members of the City Council have endorsed my candidacy.  I think it is a vote of confidence from the group and sign that we're headed in the right direction.  Thank you to Mayor Fernandez, Members Rodriguez, Barajas, Stallard and Davies.  

Yolo County District Attorneys Association

It's good to know that the Yolo County District Attorneys Association has confidence in my skill set and dedication to my work.  As a group they know I can do this job.  They know my background and they support my ideas.

Citizens Towing, Doug Worl

Doug Worl and Citizens Towing have a long standing reputation for reliability and service in our community.  I am proud to know that Doug and his company are in support of my campaign.

Master Tech, owners Rich & Ismael

Many local business leaders including Rich and Ismael,  know that I have a strong interest in making their jobs a little easier.  They know that I will work towards making their business more successful. 

Super Burrito, Carmen Delgado

Carmen and  Alvaro Delgado have made Woodland their home and their business home base.  They too believe I can make a difference for small business owners.