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Rich's Platform and Goals for Woodland

Serving The Woodland Community

Rich has lived in Woodland for over 50 years and lived in District 1 for over 30 years.  Rich has served Woodland in many capacities both public and private.  Rich was a Woodland Police Officer for over 20 years. Rich has worked tirelessly to make Woodland a great place live, work and visit.

Working toward common goals

Rich's experience will help build bridges and  close the gaps.   Rich's diversified background will help him work with all community groups.  Recognizing differences of opinions is the first step to reaching resolutions.  

Bob and Judy Simas

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Rich cannot be a successful candidate without the help of his friends, neighbors, colleagues and people who want to see Woodland grow and prosper.  Bob and Judy Simas live in District 1.  They will hosting an event this summer to help the campaign. More to come as plans come together.

Why I am Running for City Council

Having almost completed two full careers, both in service to the public, I feel the need to give back to my community.  It's time to bring my experience to the Council and get to work on the issues facing the City.  I know there is a lot of frustration about the homeless population as well as people feeling unsafe in certain areas.  I also understand that there are efforts underway  which are having some impact on the issues.  However,  there is still a lot to do.  This is what the signs  will look like.  I will  distribute them as soon as the June Primary is over in June.

Coming Events

Stay tuned for upcoming events.  As the campaign moves towards the November election events will be planned.  I am most pleased with supporters who want to  hold events for the campaign.  Stay tuned.....

Share Your Concerns

Because of my over 40 years in active problem solving I am used to listening to concerns. Nothing really gets done unless we take the time to listen to concerns.  People have access to me by phone, text, email.  Please let me know what is on your mind.  If I can help.......if I can share your concerns with the rest of the assured your concerns will not be ignored.  Call or text at 530-666-2821.  My email is

Promoting Woodland

Over the last few years there has been a tremendous push to get the word out that Woodland is a great place to live and work.  But i think we can do a little better on getting people to visit Woodland for a day.......a weekend.  We just need to make it attractive for visitors to spend their time and money in Woodland.  As a council member I will devote attention to making Woodland an enjoyable place to visit.

Endorsements (many more to come)

Jason Drobish, Woodland Police Officers Association :President

Dr. Skip Davies, Woodland City Council

As the current District 1 Council Member I fully support Rich's run for City Council.  Having known Rich since he was in high school I can confirm Rich's history and dedication to Woodland.  I believe Rich will bring his success in law enforcement and in business to the Council.

Susan Horn, School Nurse, Woodland School District

While I don't live in District 1, I still support Rich Lansburgh for City Council.   I am sure that he will be a strong voice for everyone in Woodland, not just District 1.  Rich has the experience needed to tackle the problems facing Woodland. As a school nurse I see many of the problems associated with homelessness, poverty, substance abuse and lack of direction.  I know that Rich knows these problems and is dedicated to finding solutions.

Salvatore Muzzi, business owner

As a business owner I am voting for Richard Lansburgh for City Council.  Richard knows how difficult it is to be successful in business.  Richard will work for everyone in Woodland including business owners.

Verdis Upton, Upton's Millwork

My wife Pat and I are pleased to endorse Rich Lansburgh's run for City Council.  Having someone like Rich on the Council gives us assurance that our voices will be heard.

Danny Medina, Owner Woodland/Davis Garage Door Company

  I have owned and operated businesses in Woodland for about 20 years. Many of my customers are in District 1. I fully support Richard Lansburgh for City Council. I have known Rich for about the same amount of time and know his commitment to serve his community.  I encourage my friends and family to vote for Richard Lansburgh on November 6, 2018.  We need someone with Rich's experience.

Lisa Lance, Attorney at Law

My husband Les, my son Tucker and I live in District 1.  We are so pleased that Rich has decided to run for office.  I have seen Rich in a professional capacity and know that his experience will bring a wealth of knowledge to the City Council.  Here are three votes for Rich Lansburgh on November 6th.


Tom Stallard, Member, City Council

Richard Lansburgh has always been a star performer.  From stockboy and clerk at Cranston's Hardware, to the Woodland Police Department where he advanced from patrolman to the top leadership as a lieutenant, Rich has always been a standout.  Despite the demands of his job, he completed law school at night and has distinguished himself in the practice of law.  Our City needs Rich on our City Council.  

Rich Cruz, Master Tech

As a business owner in downtown Woodland we need someone on the Council with Rich's experience.  

Russ Smith, Chief, Woodland PD, retired

Russs Smith, Chief, Woodland PD, Retired.

Rich Lansburgh is a long-time  resident who served with distinction at the Woodland Police Department. While still employed at WPD he went to law school and passed the bar.  He is a person to be respected.  With his breadth of experience and knowledge  Rich will make an outstanding City Council member.

Carmen Delgdo, Owner, Super Burrito

Carmen Delgado, Owner, Super Burrito


My husband Alvaro and I own Super Burrito on W. Court Street. We have known Richard for many years. We have trusted Richard to handle business decisions over the years and will continue to rely on his good judgment. We are both very happy to hear that Richard is running for City Council. He has our support and our respect. As small business owners we need a voice on the council.

Mi esposo Alvaro y yo somos dueños de Super Burrito por la calle W. Court. Conocemos a Richard desde hace muchos años. Hemos tenido confianza en el y seguirá confiando en su buen juicio. Somos ambos muy contentos a escuchar que Richard busca elecion para el Concejo Municipal.  El tiene nuestro apoyo y nuestro respeto.  Como propietarios de un negocio ojala que tenemos una voz en el Consejo.

Enrique Fernandez, Mayor

Enrique Fernandez, Mayor

Our Mayor
Bob and Judy Simas, Retired

Bob and Judy Simas live in District 1.  Both are happily retired, Judy as a long time teacher and Vice-Principal at Woodland HS, Bob as a crop scientist working to improve crops.  Bob and Judy are wonderful community members who get involved in civic affairs.  I am pleased to call them my friends and supporters of my campaign.  Bob and Judy will be hosting an event this summer in support of the campaign so stay tuned for updates.  


Xochitl Rodriguez Murillo

"Rich's background  in public service and the legal field ... will be an  asset to our community...

"Rich's background in public invaluable to the community and council"   

The Woodland Police Officers Association supports Rich Lansburgh for City Council...Jason Drobish, President WPOA

Doug Worl, CTI, Woodland

I'm Doug Worl, owner of Citizen's Towing.  I've known Rich for many years...I trust his judgment.

I'm Doug Worl, CTI Towing.  I trust Rich's judgment and commitment to Woodland.

Juan Pablo Padilla

I urge my friends and business partners to vote for Rich Lansburgh, JP Padilla

Nick Upton, Boots2Bonnet

As a new business owner in Woodland I know that Rich will work to improve the business climate

Ed Weed, owner, CFI

Knowing Rich for many years I know he will serve the council well, Ed Weed

Getting Close

Ted Ruiz, Woodland Police Supervisors Association endorses my campaign.

Election is November 6th

It would be helpful if each of you would reach out to one District 1 resident and let them know that a vote for me is a vote for a better tomorrow......I won't rest until we see some results.

Election Night Gathering

Nancy and I will be opening our home starting an hour before the polls close.  We will have refreshments and snacks... Please come by and let me thank you for your support....640 Wildwood Way.

Another Great Endorsement

The Woodland Police Supervisors Association has voted to endorse me.  These folks are the ones who provide daily supervision to police department staff.  Thanks to all of you!!


Some of you may know that there are community people who are questioning whether or not one of my opponents is actually a resident of District 1.  I think that is something to be considered.  But I will leave that up to the voters.  

Thank you!!!!!!

You know I have run a positive campaign with the hope and anticipation that we will make some positive changes to our community.  We must engage, educate and work together to solve problems.